Visual Studio Command Line Parameters overwritten

I’m just setting up the first project with JUCE/Projucer 6 and I notice that additional options I enter in the Visual Studios 2019 project settings under “Configuration Properties > C/C++ > Command Line” are lost every time I save the project with Projucer. With the 5.x Projucer I don’t have this problem. How do I get Projucer 6 to keep the settings?

I don’t think you can, but the command line likely includes things your .jucer project specifies and needs to keep. There are items in the Exporter for VS, and in the Configurations under that Exporter, which may help, such as Extra Compiler Flags, Extra Linker Flags, Pre-build Command and Post-build Command, that may allow you to specify what you’re currently entering manually. Is there something you need to specify that is not available in the Exporter or Configuration?

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I need to set /bigobj for all Visual Studio debug configs of a specific project, otherwise I get a compiler error.

Edit: Never mind. I can put in the Extra Compiler Flags I just found.

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