VisualStudio: Custom compiler options for debug/release in Projucer

Hi there,

I want to set different compiler-options depending on Debug or Release configuration for VisualStudio20xx. More precice: I want to set some extra optimization flags and auto-inline for the release-build which are not supported in the configuration page in Projucer.
The Projucer does not support options per configuration, only in the VisualStudio export target (so only for all configurations).

Is there any workaround to do this? Currently every time I create the project-file using the Projucer I have to manually change the settings in VisualStudio.


We’re working on this.

In the future we will have a system where your local changes to VS (and XCode etc) won’t get clobbered by resaving your project. Until then I’m afraid I can’t suggest a particularly good workaround.

Interesting, but somehow i like the current behavior, because it takes care that you have reliable consistent settings across multiple projects. Please don’t underrate that.

Well, ok.
Currently I assume the jucer-file has the ownership of the project-settings and properties - and this is a big benefit because you always have consistent project files :slight_smile:. In my version control, I have committed both the jucer-file (maintainer of the project-properties) and the project-files (to load the IDE and feed the build-system).
If project-props are also stored in the IDE’s project file and maintained by this you split the ownership to different files. Additionally I assume you already have ideas what’s happening on conflicts (changes in IDE’s project file and jucer).

For the moment I have a “Fix Project-file-script” :wink:

Thanks for your reply.