VS 2013 complaining about Mac line endings

I wonder if people have a good way of handling this since this is a general issue as I also coe a lot on the Mac.


List of errors: http://pastebin.com/70DmWkYY




Personally, I have a little app that I run as a shell script to clean up line-endings and trailing space before committing anything to a repo.

Hmm yeah it seems to be a Perforce issue as even the solution file had this problem.

I will download JUCE again on PC and resubmit it to my depot to check.



You can set up Git with auto cr/lf, if you use Git to push/pull from OSX and Win using a Git server, there should be no problem

Thanks for the advice, I will do that next time.

This time I simply used the Zip file download from github to set things right.

Just in case someone else gets this problem.

For Perforce you set the line ending type in your workspace which must be set to "Windows" for Macintosh workspaces, otherwise the line endings will break.