VS2019 - "Desktop development with C++" or "Universal Windows Platform development"?

In the middle of my second project, after just having finished a game last week.

I was just browsing “Get tools and features” in Visual Studio 2019, when I noticed “Universal Windows Platform development”.

I am currently using “Desktop development with C++” and was just wondering if anyone knows the difference, and how it relates to JUCE development.

I am mainly interested in developing audio plugins, with a secondary interest in games.

If what you have installed has already worked, there shouldn’t be a reason to add anything new to the mix. (I have only the desktop C++ development parts of Visual Studio installed.) As far as I know, the Universal Windows Platform is a Microsoft-only thing and you would be using their frameworks and libraries, so there’s really no Juce-relevance.

Sure it works, but no harm in looking for something “better” :slight_smile:

Universal Windows Platform, or UWP, is the cross-platform C++ SDK with language extensions developed by Microsoft.

It’s intended to help develop Windows store apps, including helping target the (defunct) Windows mobile ecosystem, and the XboxOne application and games ecosystem.

The language extensions I mentioned are titled C++/Cx (a component under WinRT). Microsoft provides thorough documentation on these extensions: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/cppcx/visual-c-language-reference-c-cx?view=vs-2019 . In short, the build process and conventions change with the extensions, and help develop (supposed) better async code.

Having developed consoles apps, specifically in the video streaming domain, I can safely say that UWP sucks horrendously.

Nevertheless, there is an open GitHub issue for supporting this ecosystem: https://github.com/WeAreROLI/JUCE/issues/218

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Ok thanks, and it that case I’ll stay over on my side of the grass.