VST 3 and getParameterNumSteps()


Edit: this is now irrelevant as the VST3 wrapper has been changed...


I just wanted to point this out in case someone else is searching for this information (as I was). I was wondering what my VST3 plugin should return with getParameterNumSteps() to have VST3 hosts (at least Steinberg's test host and Cubase 7) recognize the right parameter type:

  • for boolean parameters (Steinberg's test host calls them toggle), it's 1
  • for non-discrete-values with the maximum possible number of steps (only limited by the nature of the float format - Steinberg's test host calls them float), it's 0
  • for paramters with N discrete steps, it's N-1

At least that is how it works today. Since VST3 is all I'm building at the moment, I have no idea what those return values will cause on other targets....