VST 3 categories -> in Projucer

In Cubase/Nuendo, there is an option that allows you to organize each vendor's plugins by category. For example (reverb, delay, eq, etc..). I'm trying to figure out how to set a category for my plugin. When I generate a VST3 plugin using JUCE, it shows a category of "Other" when I run it in Cubase. Does anyone here know how to change this?


In AppConfig.h

#ifndef  JucePlugin_Vst3Category
 #define JucePlugin_Vst3Category           Vst::PlugType::kInstrumentSynth



You can #define it. For example in the user code section of your AppConfig.h

#define JucePlugin_Vst3Category Vst::PlugType::kFxDynamics

See the VST3 SDK for the PlugType values.

Got it. Thanks!

Shouldn’t this be a field in the Projucer too, like for the other PluginFormats? It also would be great if in the comment in Projucer is a description, which values for the categories (AU/AAX too) are right.


Or even checkboxes (to allow multiple selections if possible)

I agree with you, it would be nice have a field in Projucer.

Yes, also struggling with the selection of these values (for VST and AU)

Same here. Can’t seem to find the correct place to find information on AU plugin categories. I’ve been all over the place, Googling all sorts of searches and have found almost nothing for this. Would be great to be pointed to some documentation of some sort. Getting the plugin category working in VST and AU DAWs has been on my list since I created the project, not sure why finding a simple demo of this is so hard.

+1 on adding JucePlugin_Vst3Category as a field in the projucer.

An even better option would indeed be one using a drop-down menu.



VST3 Category is missing in Projucer



Will probably land faster in the Projucer if someone implements and pull-requests it

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Please not a drop-down menu because multiple categories can be simultaneously defined with VST3, so that your plug-in can appear in multiple sub-menus

With that in mind, maybe a dropdown with a + button would be awesome…

or just a few toggleButtons :wink:


Anything would be nice to have, but indeed, a dropdown will checkboxes would be the nest (same for AU, VST and AAX actually).

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Took the liberty to change the topic from
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