VST / VST3 plugin category

How can we specify the VST / VST3 plugin category (Dynamics, EQ, ...) ?

Introjucer "VST Category" field has a much more limited set of values than what Cubase shows in the plugins menu, so I suppose there is a way to return a category string from the plugin ?

Friendly bump. Can’t see any options in JUCE other than effect/instrument etc.

I think there are only 2 categories for VST, but for VST3, you have additional options in the Vst namespace (like https://github.com/mbrucher/ATK-plugins/blob/develop/Preamps/ATKBassPreamp/Source/AppConfig.h#L348)

Thanks Matthieu. As I’ve not upgraded my license from 4 to 5 yet, I’m still using Projucer 4 where it doesn’t have a field for it. I’ll try adding it manually to my AppConfig.h file.