VST Demo Host - Problem with e-licenser Plugins


I’m playing around with the hosting capability of JUCE.

I use win10, 64 bit, Visual Studio 2015

First I encountered many problems/crashes with my plugins, which have an ilok/elicenser protection.
Then I figured out that in Visual Studio 2015 the DEP (Data Execution Preventation) configuration in the linker menu is enabled by default.

Also the randomized base address.

If I turn these 2 settings off, then the host support much more plugins and the crashes vanished :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Maybe this is a bugfix for the Projucer workspace generator?

I still have VST 2.4 Plugins which do not load.

To name them;
All Steinberg plugins.

For example:
Groove Agent 4
Halion 5 / Halion Sonic
The Grand 3
(elicencer based!)
They load as an VST3 plugin.

But as an VST2 plugin they do not load.
all with the same problem…

in the function:
static VSTPluginInstance* create (...)

The first call for:

The next call to:
newEffect = constructEffect (newModule);

returns a nullptr.

I don’t understand the inner workings of VST2. (That’s why I want to use JUCE)

But has anybody a idea?

Tracktion 7 has no problem to load these VST2.4 plugs…

Also there is JUCE code out there, where I can load the plugins.
(For example: Carla Host)

Any tip would be really great to hear :slight_smile:

Thank you,