VST Plugin Host issues under Windows 7


I am having issues with the Plugin Host and VST plugins under Windows 7.
On the forum, I have found no similar thread, or other user experiencing this problem.

Some plugins cause the PluginHost demo program to crash while scanning for new plugins.
The plugins found to crash are URS Classic Compressor Bundle, Sonnox plugins (Reverb & EQ), and PSP VintageWarmer. I believe these are not the only plugins causing the problem, but at least these are the ones I have at hand.
All these plugins share the fact that they must be authorized using an iLok key.

To my knowledge, affects Windows 7 64 bits, but not Windows XP 32 bits.
I have not tested under other platforms than those two.

The VSThost application scans and loads the plugins just fine.

I have tried to debug the scanning process, but the debugger quits as soon as the dll is loaded. I believe this is a counter measure to forbid debugging on copy-protected plugins.

I would love to know what can be the cause of this problem.
I will be happy to give any further information that can be useful.

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Sounds like a question you should be asking to the developers of those plugins! I don’t find it hard to believe that the horrific iLok system might be a bit flakey under a 64-bit OS.

Yeah, this one is really super tricky, and after some searching it seems it is not related to juce but rather the version of MSVC++.

The VSTs are loading fine under VSThost, which baffles me.
If you download the sources this program, there is a pre-built “release” version that works.
So I compiled those sources, and replicated the same issue I was having this juce’s Plugin Host.

I will ask the guys from PACE if they have a solution, I’m done with this problem.


I found the solution!
It has to do with the Data Execution Prevention.

Thank to this KVR post: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=3803974&sid=fa14a43006317047ff1ada2d3f01d3f2#3803974

I hope it will help others …

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I also have some crashes in the plugin host. The plugins I’ve tested don’t have ilok, and are free.
One of the ones that crashed is the superwave P8.
The plugin loads fine in Tracktion 3.