Vst dosnt work if c++ isnt there in the pc?

vst dosnt work if c++ isnt there in the pc ?

what should i do ?


Sorry, I think you’ll have to ask something less vague for anyone to be able to help!

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i am asking that

if there is not c++ software on the pc , vst(example).dll is not working

and do you really think that you are coder

how cant you understand this ?

Usually if people guess what your problem is (because an analysis of your problem with that little input is impossible), they are likely to get an answer “certainly I know that”, that’s why Jules askes you for a more precise description of the problem.
However I guess you are using libraries from the C++ runtime in your plugin. You will have to deploy the runtime in your installer, or try if you can link it statically.
To check what you are missing there is a tool called Dependency Walker, which shows you what external dlls are requested by your dll.

Have a PEACEFUL x-mas

thank you for answer but question was clear and you have understand what i mean

Also make sure you’re building a Release build for use on a non-dev system to be able to include any Microsoft Redistributables.