VST midi event deltaFrames is always zero

juce 1.6 vst wrapper, VST 2.3 SDK

vme->deltaFrames==0 at JuceVSTWrapper::processEvents…midi data bytes are intact…same behavior in Tracktion or eXT. Maybe my plug is not returning the right info at open()? Can somebody give me a check-off list of things the host needs to see from the plug, in order to send time-stamps with the midi data.

I also have an app version that drives the midi display with a MidiInput class, and the time stamp is displayed correctly. So I know all the jucey stuff is working…just not getting the time stamp across the VST interface. Help!

If you’re playing live midi into the plugin then tracktion (and probably most hosts) will just set a zero timestamp - it’ll only use the correct times when playing back a midi clip. Could that be it? The wrapper code looks correct to me - certainly uses the deltaFrames value.

Please pardon my topical ignorance. So it sounds like it’s working correctly for live input. So if I hook my display up to the output of e.g. an arpeggiator or midi clip I should see actual time stamp data?