VST Plug-in Issue In Adobe Premiere Pro

Hi all,

I have a suite of plug-ins I’ve developed primarily for AAX. They’ve been working great in Pro Tools for months now and, since Juce is so wonderful, I’m porting them to VST for use in Adobe Premiere Pro (2017.1.2 build 22).

The issue I’m encountering is this: Plug-ins load and work properly. But once attempted to add them again they have been seemingly disabled - do not show up in lists for addition of a plug-in to a track. They do show up in lists for loading a plug-in to an individual clip but the icon is x-ed out and I’m unable to add to clip.

I’ve scanned through the forum, didn’t find anything that worked here. Checked Premiere and Adobe preference files, saw that the plug-ins in question are “enabled” the same way other plug-ins without the problem are.

My guess is that I’m failing to adhere to some standard and the plug-ins get “blacklisted” after their first use. Deleting preferences fixes the issue but always reappears after first use.

Any ideas gents? Thank you.

Hmm that’s odd. We don’t have Adobe Premiere Pro lying around but can you attach a debugger to the plug-in. Does the plug-in crash?

Thank you for replying Fabian,

I did attach a debugger and it wasn’t showing any issues with the plug-in. I figured it out: I should’ve mentioned that these are multi-channel plug-ins (4-8 in, 8 out). This turned out to be the cause.

For anyone who’s running into this issue, here is the fix - Premiere claims to have multi-channel effect support but it is mostly preliminary.

2 Issues:

  1. A preferences file writes two booleans upon the first loading of the plug-in: isMono and isStereo. If neither of those are true, it will not load afterwards. My quick fix was to support mono in, mono out and then just bypass the process block when I detected that bus - worked, on an 8 in 8 out track perfectly. For testing you can overwrite these values in your Premiere Audio Plug-in manager preferences file found in your Library (OSX).

  2. There is NO support for asymmetrical plug-ins (i.e. 5 in, 8 out).

Hope this saves someone some time!

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