VST Plugin hosting plugin possible broken OpenGL issue (Serum)

I’m working on a plugin that also hosts instrument plugins. Testing Ableton Live 9, loading the hosting plugin (as a VST2) and then loading Serum (VST) into the plugin, the UI seems partly broken. I assume this is an OpenGL issue.

I wonder if anyone has any clues as to what might be going on here?

I am testing on a MBP 2013 running macOS 10.14.16. I’ve not seen this issue in other DAWs we’ve tested.

Hey, try linking against Mac OS SDK 10.13, that solves most of the plugin hosting issues for me, including with Serum.

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Thanks @eyalamir, I tried it but unfortunately it does not fix the issue.

That sucks. Are you sure it’s only the UI that’s broken? Can you play sound/touch automation parameters?

It plays sound fine, I haven’t checked automation parameters though - we haven’t got to automation parameter support yet :slight_smile: