Melda Product Plugins (and others) Have Blank UI


On macOS (tested on 10.14.3), a fair number of plugins now seem to have problems with their UI. Melda Production is a good example of some free ones.

The UI appears black.

They work in an older version of JUCE. I’m not sure of the exact one but Waveform 9 works and was built with this version of JUCE 8deef0b



It’s not due to anything that has changed in JUCE - the problem only occurs when building a host against the 10.14 macOS SDK and hosting plug-ins that use OpenGL. I’lll look into this a bit more but I’m not sure if there’s anything that we can do in JUCE, if you look on StackOverflow there are quite a few reports of black OpenGL windows on Mojave.

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Thanks Ed, I had feared this. In wonder if we can just build against an older SDK.



Yeah building against 10.13 seems to fix it.



For reference, here’s a fix for a similar issue in GLFW (which I use in another project not using JUCE), might be of help for solving this?

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Interesting, thanks for posting that. I’m not sure that there’s much that we can do as a host though as this would need to be done in the actual window that is rendering the OpenGL, which we don’t control.

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Yes, that does seem to fix it.
Can anyone think of any problems with using the older SDK? Seems like a very un-Apple approved way of building things…



FYI, according to my tests (internal framework, not Juce) and some of my clients, building with XCode 10.2 and running under 10.4.4+ fixes the OpenGL issues.

Apparently Apple have fixed / reverted some changes related to OpenGL / Cocoa layer handling,
although there is no mention of this whatsoever in the release notes, as is often the case with them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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