OpenGL Module doesn't compile with 10.5 SDK


Hi Jules,

as the title says, the OpenGL module ( in JuceLibraryCode) fails to compile with the base SDK set to 10.5. The errors are about gllRenderBuffer, glBindRenderBuffer and the like as well as missing definitions like GL_FRAMEBUFFER. (latest tip, XCode 3.2.6 on Snow Leopard)

I tried this by creating an empty audio plugin with the IntroJucer setting Base and Compatibility SDK to 10.5. Compiling with 10.6/10.5 base/compatibility SDK isn’t an option as the plugin won’t run on 10.5 (I only tried AU/VST of the current JuceDemoPlugin, where AU crashes Reaper while the VST works; didn’t test 64-bit or RTAS).



Thanks, I’ll check that out.


Hi Jules,

any news on this?



No, sorry, will check it at some point…