Melda plugin editor windows are black if you build under Mojave with XCode 10

We do most of our development on OSX 10.12 and everything works beautifully there. However, we discovered that if we build the same codebase on an OSX 10.14 machine, then all Melda plugins, when their editor windows are opened, just display black. The same plugins (from the latest release from Melda) display fine on this 10.14 machine if I run a host built on a 10.12 machine

Below is an image using the JUCE plugin host from the very latest build from GitHub. I built this on 10.14 and as you can see, blank editor window.

Meant to mention - I found a reference to Melda black plugin editor windows on these forums from a post in 2012 which suggested that Melda plugins were buggy but our experience with Melda plugins is that they have worked beautifully in recent years.

I’m not sure it’s something we can fix on the JUCE side of things. I’ve emailed their support team to see if they are aware of the issue.

I reached out to them as well. However, the fact that their plugins work perfectly fine on a Mojave machine if you compile the plugin host on a 10.12 machine suggests that the problem has to be JUCE related since compilation of the JUCE plugin host is the only thing that is different. By the way, the problem happens with VST2 as well as VST3 version although of course the latest JUCE host only loads VST3 versions.

Not necessarily. The problem could be the plug-in failing to display correctly when running in any host built against the 10.14 SDK, not only JUCE-based hosts.

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When I built on Mojave, I specified the deployment target to be 10.9 or greater.

Does the plugin use OpenGL? Sounds a lot like:

Yes but on Mojave it’s Xcode 10 and the 10.14 SDK right? There’s some sort of bug with OpenGL in the new SDK

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I just rebuilt on Mojave using the 10.13 SDK and the Melda plugins work fine. I know OpenGL has been deprecated in 10.14 but I didn’t expect that something was broken. So is JUCE going to support METAL?

At some point either Metal and Vulkan or just Vulkan with a wrapper for Metal (like MoltenVK)… I think it’s yet to be fully determined but there’s a larger discussion about it here:

For now I have stuck with the 10.13 SDK since our plugins still work fine on Mojave… not sure I’ll be upgrading for a while between this bug and how often I run into problems updating Xcode anyway :sweat_smile: