VST2 in Live - setSize() not working anymore

I have a problem with the latest juce 6 develop tip. I get some graphic glitches (in ableton live, it works in reaper) when i try to change the plugin size with setSize() by a plugin button or menu. Exact the same code worked in the past. It also works with AU and VST3. Only VST2 is affected. Tested in OSX 10.15.

The window size is right, but the plugin UI isn’t located at position 0, 0 as it should be. Some times the plugin is located higher and sometimes lower. When i reach the resizer and touch it, the plugin jumps to the right position.

Looks like a step is missing after set size. I tried to call resized() after setting the new size, but this didn’t help in my first tests.

Any help is welcome.

Same problem also happens in bitwig with the VST2. We only call setSize() inside the plugin. The y offset seems to be the size of the UI change. Otherwise the plugin view loads correctly when i open it.
Calling setSize() with a user action when the plugin view is already loaded leads to that problem. Close and reopen the UI fixes the issue.

Thanks for reporting. We’ve fixed this on develop here:

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Thanks a lot for the fix. It works :slight_smile: and i have to ask me why “rebuild all debug” in CLion does not rebuild the JUCE code…

Rebuild all always rebuilds the JUCE modules for me, but it’s possible you might want to use Tools->CMake->Reset cache and reload project, to make sure CMake is aware of any changes you’ve done.

It’s also sometimes needed to manually clear the build folder (usually cmake_build_xxx) to make sure you don’t have any caches left from previous builds.

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Thanks for the tips. I will try that.