VST3 aux output issue on reaper OSX


I’m getting in VST3i reaper with Falcon, synth with 0 input and 17 stereo outputs

AudioBuffer<FloatType> clearOutputBuffersAndReturnBlankBuffer (Steinberg::Vst::ProcessData& data, int vstOutputs, int usedChannels)
    // The host is ignoring the bus layout we requested, so we can't process sensibly!

Any idea what to do next ?

Thanks !

If I remove the assert, Reaper gives me a strange configuration with way too much channel on the main bus

Being more drastic in isBusesLayoutSupported fixed my issue.

Sorry about the noise

I’d be interested to know whether this was a new issue introduced during a JUCE version update, or whether it was due to a change on your side.

It happened since adding VST3 version on my end but didn’t had any issue in any other plugin format so far so don’t think this is a new issue introduced in Juce.
VST3 is probably more fancy in terms of bus layout

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