VST3 Program Change in Bitwig


My VST3 outputs correct program changes in Reaper, Logic Pro and AudioPluginHost - but NOT in Bitwig. Any ideas?


I have issues outputting midi program changes in Bitwig to an external midi instrument (HW Instrument).

I am developing a VST3 plugin with the JUCE framework and I have implemented a midi program change. When the user clicks on a button in the plugin UI the plugin sends a midi program change message. This functionality works in AudioPluginHost, Reaper and Logic Pro. To be more clear, when I load my plugin in these hosts and output the midi to the hosts external instrument, I can monitor the correct output being a program change message.

In Bitwig I try to do the same but it looks like it is broken. I put the plugin on a track, and in the same chain I put a HW Instrument with the correct midi out port, but in my midi monitor I see that the plugin outputs a message called invalid and the data is 3 bytes.

Do you think this is a specific Bitwig issue or is there anything I can try to debug this?