VST3 wrapper not getting info in Studio One


I found out an issue in which I thought was in AudioGridder, and in fact is in Juce VST3 Wrapper not getting some of the channel information from Studio One, because studio one does implement it in their own API.

JUCE VST3 wrapper returns no value when getting Vst::ChannelContext::kChannelNameKey and Vst::ChannelContext::kChannelColorKey.

In studio one you can get them through their custom API extensions (doc is here https://presonus.software/media/pages/developer/551638369-1615312999/presonus-plug-in-extensions.pdf).

It would be great if JUCE can integrate that specific case for Studio One !

In the meantime if anyone can propose some code or patch for Juce to handle that, it would be really helpfull.

Thanks !