VSTPluginInstance::getCategory() not localized

VSTPluginInstance::getCategory() doesn’t use TRANS() for the strings.

Why should it? You can translate the value that it returns if you want to, right?

oh hmm…good point!

This is true in theory but I was hoping to write a simple script that searches for calls to TRANS(), extracts the strings, and puts together an automated .cpp file that can be handed to the translators.

Hmm, I see why that’d be handy. But the string isn’t just used for display, people might also be using it for checking plugin types, so pre-translating it could break things.

Well I don’t care too much about getCategory() but in general, it’d be cool if the juce .cpp files used TRANS so I could extract them with the script. Right now there’s a bunch of hard coded strings. For example in juce_win32_DirectSound.cpp there’s the function getDSErrorMessage(). Lots of other places.

Instead of TRANS() maybe it could be another macro like JUCE_TRANS () which users have the option of defining or not?

yes, that’s not a bad idea about the JUCE_TRANS thing. But I think I’ve made most strings translatable where it seemed appropriate - let me know if you see any that seem to have been missed out.