Ok, I can load files just fine but Im having a bit of trouble discerning how to get wavfile data and such…

Ill probabaly figure it out tonight, but if anyone has tips, let me know so I dont go crazy.

This object acts as an AudioIODeviceCallback, so can be attached to an output device, and will play audio from an AudioFormatReader, allowing it to be stopped, started and repositioned within the source stream. It also sends change notifications to listeners when the playback starts/stops.

AudioStreamPlayer ::setSource (AudioFormatReader *newSource, const int samplesPerOutputBlock, const double outputDeviceSampleRate )

AudioFormatReader *WavAudioFormat::createReaderFor (InputStream *sourceStream) Tries to create an object that can read from a stream containing audio data in this format.

So streaming from a file looks something like this…???

File& wavFileToRead; (opened and sanity checked)
AudioStreamPlayer sp = new AudioStreamPlayer;
AudioFormatReader audio = new AudioFormatReader;
InputStream wstrean= new FileInputStream (wavFileToRead)