Wavelab 6 issues

Here I have JUCE VST plugin which is hosting another VST non-JUCE plugin. Plugin works in all hosts, except in Wavelab 6 (Win, 32 bit). I would really like to make it compatible with WL6 – so far with no success.

I am aware that WL is often hated in JUCE world because it often handles plugins in a strange way - for example, it loads (some) plugins inside non-GUI thread, which of course causes all kind of trouble. I can see JUCE VST wrapper includes specific code (message thread related) which handles Wavelab weirdness successfully, so basic skeleton of my plugin is working correctly.

Unfortunately, trouble begins when I start to host plugin inside my plugin. Maybe not immediately, but for sure when I load multiple instances of plugin and do some rearranging, deleting, reloading etc. Things gets really unpredictable and messy then (garbled GUI, stalls, crashes)

I pretty new with JUCE and I still have trouble understanding some JUCE fundamental low level stuff, so I am asking you for any help. ATM I really dont have a clue how to fix this. So this is not really a question, but a brainstorming, quest for any info, help, idea, direction, WL6 specifics etc.

Do any of you JUCE gurus (Jules ?) have an idea, if supporting WL6 is possible at all when hosting other plugins inside plugin - considering its weirdness.

At the end, I am sure my plugin works correctly, because it works in all other hosts (even WL7 and WL8), but I would really like to find out the “hack” to support WL6 as well.

Thx in advance!
Franci (Acustica Audio)

Would love to be able to say we fully support WL, but debugging and finding workarounds for its weird behaviour can be a ridiculously time-consuming and frustrating process!

If you can pin down anything in particular that you think it seems to be doing, then let us know and we’ll see if we can brainstorm a solution here, but we can’t promise to investigate ourselves right now.

OK, thank you !!!