Waves + Juce + OSX SDK 10.14 = White UI

Hi thanks for getting back to me.

Have you reported it to Waves?

Yes, but they pretty much ignore this type of feedback from indie-developers.
So I think the only options is for the a joint effort from Juce + Juce-users.

Most hosts build against 10.13 or earlier.

Yes, so did we, 10.13 has been good to us. But now we are getting new issues where plugins don’t work right unless compiled with 10.15.

Actually some waves plugins fail with a crash if you load them two times I a row. (add > remove > add) They work if you compile against 10.15, but then the UI is messed up.

Which Waves version are you running? I think only version 11 supports Catalina (10.15).
I believe that 10.13 should work better, as all other hosts use that too. Might be worth it to compare your crashes with 10.13 vs other hosts (Waveform would be a good candidate).

Will check for other hosts, I run v11 updated via Waves Central.

I just loaded a few Waves V11 plugins in Waveform 11 (10.13 SDK?), both instruments and effects and everything seems to work well.

Thanks, I could not download 503 error.
Could you please try to load “Reel ADT Live Stereo” , then remove it and add it again?

Waveform is built with 10.13 SDK precisely for this reason.

Loaded Reel ADT Live stereo into a track in Waveform 11, and then removed/added it a couple of times, worked just fine. Also tried “replacing” the plugin a few times. Both VST2 and VST3 versions worked with no problems.

Thanks I will try the same here once it is done scanning for plugins.
What about in the Juce Plugins Host ?
In Waveform everything is fine on my system also, but when compiling the juce host I get crashes with 10.13 and Reel ADT

AudioPluginHost with SDK 10.13 does seem to have some issues, throwing all kinds of asserts on the Waves plugins, and has a weird issue when removing/reloading Reel ADT. Using 10.15 has the UI bug you mentioned, but that was a known issue.

Great. so it is not just me.
So the big question is what kind of magic is Waveform doing ?

In an release build you’re probably just not seeing the asserts (because they’re disabled) and it just seems “to work”.

@eyalamir what exactly are the asserts?

Waves say:

Thanks for bring this to our attention.
Please try adding this to your code.

openGLView.wantsBestResolutionOpenGLSurface = false

Sooooo. I 'll see if I can find a place to add that.

first you can simply try hack the JUCE editor wrapper code and see if it helps.

Still fighting this, no luck with the openGLView thing.
Is anyone else able to compile with 10.13 SDK on XCode 12?
Xcode does not seem to recognize the sdk when copied in, worked with Xcode 11.

I can use 10.12 SDK in Xcode Version 12.0.1 (12A7300)
Have you updated the plist ?

I copied the SDK into Xcode 11 and it is working for me.
I can’t get the SDK to work with Xcode 12
I am going to have to switch to Xcode 12 soon to support Apple Silicon, so hopefully Waves has a fix out by then, but not holding my breath.

Thank you for confirming @g-mon .
Yes we are running in to a wall here now, our customers will loose it if we, seemingly, drop support for waves plugins, and we will get in trouble if we don’t follow the latest Apple releases.
So we are squeezed between Juce/Waves/Apple.
Interesting that you got it working @otristan. I am not aware of a plist to change, used to just copy it in. Where/what is this file?

This plist

Make sure that
is set to 10.12


Thanks, updating the plist lets me build against 10.13 SDK with Xcode 12.2

Latest news.
Waves V12 uses metal, and is compatible with the latest SDK.
BUT, I did some testing.
Host compiled with 10.13 will not show V12 plugins gui.
Host compiled with 10.15 will show plugins from 11.0.60 and up to 12