Waves + Juce + OSX SDK 10.14 = White UI


Hi, it is me the Plugin-Compatibility-Troll again
When hosting plugin on OSX and compiling against the lastest OSX SDK, waves AU plugins turn up white in Juce hosts (including the example). Compiling with 10.13 sdk seems fine. VST2 plugins turn out black, and VST3 is fine


We’re receiving similar reports. AU plug-ins apparently turn white and even crash in some cases. I couldn’t reproduce the issue on my computer, though, so it seems random. It seems related to compiling against the latest OSX SDK.


Takk Stian
Hard to say if this is a waves or Juce issue. Are you seeing it with other AU plugins?


:slight_smile: I don’t think it’s a Waves issue. I got video screen capture from a customer showing one of our own plug-ins with the same behaviour. Do you have the transparent windows patch for Mojave (see Calloutbox in Mojave broken?)?


Does this happen in the latest version of JUCE? There are a few Mojave fixes in there.


I’m sorry for not answering before. We have created a build with JUCE 5.4.1 and are awaiting feedback from the affected customers. Unfortunately, it works fine on my Macs. The problem was with an earlier JUCE version built with the 10.14 SDK.


Unfortunately, upgrading to 5.4.1 didn’t solve the issue for the affected customers. @Nikolai, did you find a solution to the issue?


Næ. Not really.
Compiling against the older SDK, that I copied in to xcode, and then I’m on a Juce commit called
f9017f7adce09ae41685c368ca430b34a7cc5f91 from Nov 5.
Not sure when this broke, i try to update juce as little as I can, as it will tigger, endless testing, and risk of plugin compatibility issues.


Thanks. It turns out there were two issues in my case. The crashing was due to a mistake on my side in the high DPI mode handling (so it only affected Macs with Retina displays). There are still some AU plug-ins showing up with the wrong colours, though. One example is AUMatrixReverb:

The screenshot is from the JUCE demo plug-in host compiled with the 10.14 SDK. It appears normal again when compiling against 10.13.


Well, I’m just staying on 10.13 for a while. Got plugin window issues on windows now that need attention, scaling bugs etc.


The incorrect colours should be fixed with this commit, but it seems to be unrelated to the blank Waves UI issue and I’m not really sure what’s going on there. You mentioned that your plug-in does the same thing, is it fixed with the above commit or is the UI still white?


I believe the white UI for my own plug-ins was due to a combination of my own mistake and the white background pane prior to the fix you mention. Due to the error on my side, the UI froze in high DPI while still showing the white background. After fixing the error on my side, the Acon plug-ins show up fine except for blinking white when the UI is opened (which I assume is fixed with your commit). Thanks for your help with this, @ed95.