Waves + Juce + OSX SDK 10.14 = White UI


Hi, it is me the Plugin-Compatibility-Troll again
When hosting plugin on OSX and compiling against the lastest OSX SDK, waves AU plugins turn up white in Juce hosts (including the example). Compiling with 10.13 sdk seems fine. VST2 plugins turn out black, and VST3 is fine


We’re receiving similar reports. AU plug-ins apparently turn white and even crash in some cases. I couldn’t reproduce the issue on my computer, though, so it seems random. It seems related to compiling against the latest OSX SDK.


Takk Stian
Hard to say if this is a waves or Juce issue. Are you seeing it with other AU plugins?


:slight_smile: I don’t think it’s a Waves issue. I got video screen capture from a customer showing one of our own plug-ins with the same behaviour. Do you have the transparent windows patch for Mojave (see Calloutbox in Mojave broken?)?


Does this happen in the latest version of JUCE? There are a few Mojave fixes in there.