We demand Intel C++ intrinsics!


Demonstrations erupted in juce-land when citizens trying to compile using the Intel C++ compiler in the Visual Studio 2008 IDE were stymied by their efforts. Non-violent protestors called for the ouster of this offending conditional in juce_TargetPlatform.h:

#if ! JUCE_VC7_OR_EARLIER /*&& ! defined (__INTEL_COMPILER)*/ #define JUCE_USE_INTRINSICS 1 #endif

As of 10:54AM PST, the embargo against Intel intrinsics was still in place in the juce tip; However, anonymous sources reveal that the leader may relax these restrictions in order to avoid UN sanctions, as there have been reports from rebels that commenting out the indicated portion results in successful compilation.

I guess that I must have put that in place a long time ago, before the intel compiler could handle intrinsics… Don’t worry, I’ll remove it in the interests of peace!

I knew California was more liberal than other places in the US but for f*** sake, what are you smoking Vinn ? ;-))))))))))))

I’m ultra conservative and from Miami originally

That explains the dolphin :smiley: