Intel C++ Compiler

Hi there,

Does anyone know a means to compile JUCE with “Intel C++ Compiler” on VC++2005?

Now I’m having a lot of errors as below;


catastrophic error: could not open source file "../threads/juce_CriticalSection.h" #include "../threads/juce_CriticalSection.h"


Looks like a perfectly acceptable include statement to me…! Surely the intel compiler can handle relative paths??

Maybe you could trick it into working by adding “.” to the list of include paths?

I added all paths into JUCE’s project settings on VC++ as “Additional Include Directories”. works file, Thanks!

However, I will have to do the same thing when I attempt to change any JUCE library to new one. Do you have any indeas about this?

I’m just very surprised that the intel compiler wouldn’t understand a simple relative path… I thought it was supposed to be source-code-compatible with the MS compiler? Might be worth checking out their support forums, because surely other people have hit the same problem.

I also will ask their support team whether there is any good means or not.