Use Intel C++ Compiler for JUCE?

Hello, i would like to use the Intel C++ Compiler for some test projects with the JUCE framework, i tested a project but got lots of errors on XCode, i was wondering if anyone had success using it either on Windows or OS X, if so, i would really appreciate some tips to getting it to work.

Thanks in advance for your time.

People have definitely used it on Windows, but not sure about OSX - is it supposed to be a drop-in replacement for LLVM?

Ive just installed it appears as a drop-in you can test for 30 days


I'm using it a lot with Visual Studio/Windows, without any problem now (Jules has done a few fixes in the past for that). I have never tried it with Xcode. I think I should, with LLVM messing up all my code with templates angry


I've just tested it on Xcode there are lots of errors regarding the Objective-C Wrappers, and some about constructors.