Compiling the 5.4.1 with the Intel 2019 compiler

Just a FYI using the intel 2019 compiler to compile the latest JUCE version. It was working great on my project with Qip (single-file opts) but since the latest JUCE version the compiler was crashing with error code 04010002_1670, in the juce_core.cpp file.

I already sent a ticket to Intel and they are taking a look. But I don’t like to wait, so I tried to find a solution myself. Turns out that if you compile juce_core.cpp with Qipo it compiles without problems. But I can’t use Qipo with my whole project as it crashes for another reason, as I have too many files.

So, what I did was compile the AudioHost example with Qipo and it went ok. I got the OBJ file for the juce_core and used on my project. Works perfectly! :slight_smile:

I will reply here when intel post new information about the problem.

I also posted on the intel forum with more details about the problem.

Cheers, WilliamK