Webbrowser component - paints only grey

i cannot get the webbrowser component working.

this is an example of my code:

WebBrowserComponent* browser;
addAndMakeVisible (browser = new WebBrowserComponent () );
browser->setBounds( 10,10,640,400 );
browser->goToURL( “http://www.raiseaudio.com/index.htm” );

it only paints grey … !?!

i tested it on XP and Vista.

what’s wrong ?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I had created web browser component for my application, I used the link you where trying to hit and it opened it.

I would also like you to remind you that Am using juce_1.46 which was released and not the trunk version.

I have faced similar issue, you would have to check a thing, Check if the component holding the webBrowserComponent is visible when you call addAndMakeVisible(browser = new WebBrowserComponent () );.

It internally uses activexcomponent and try debugging it.

Maybe the address string should be included in T()?


to make it clear it is unicode text

Yes, now it works !!!
The holding component has to set visible before creating the webbrowser.

thank you guys!

Nice to that it works now. :smiley: