Weird audio dropout problem


I’m trying to run a JUCE application on iOS, which actually works quite nicely on a recent iPod, but fails miserably on an iPhone 3GS where there are so many audio dropouts that sometimes the device goes completely silent. What is really weird though is that the dropouts stop while I move a slider (that pretty counter-intuitive, isn’t it?). In fact, I did some basic profiling using the Instruments application that comes with XCode and found out that while I don’t move anything on the screen, the CPU usage is below 40%, so it doesn’t seem to be a computing resources problem.

Any ideas where the problem could lie? I’m using quite an old version of JUCE. Did anything change in the way JUCE handles audio IO since version 1.51?

Best regards,

Almost everything changed since then!

Ok, I guess it’s time to do an update… I hope it will not be too difficult / time-consuming. We’ve got something like 3000 lines of code here that heavily depend on JUCE. :smiley: