Weird error, no specification

Hello, While trying to build an empty audio app without anything I’m getting the below error without any details. Will appreciate any help.

audioError is a String that’s declared on line 50 of the juce_AudioAppComponent.cpp file.

The jassert macro is triggering a break point because the audioError String is not empty and therefore contains some info about the error that occured.

It would be useful if the JUCE team could add a DBG line before the jassert to actually display the error in the terminal. (For now you could just add it yourself, or use the inspector in VS to find the contents of the String).

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Plenty of details there. :wink: asserts are tools to be used during development (ie. debug builds) to alert the developer to conditions that not expected. In this case, the assert is being triggered because the String in audioError is not empty, ie. there was an error. If you look at the content of audioError you will see the actual error message. From the debug window we can see the start of the message, but not the entire thing