Weird glitch where Projucer saving new CPPs to wrong folder

I just created a few new CPP & header files in the Projucer, clicked save project, then loaded one of these up in XCode. I was surprised to find that XCode was throwing up errors. All my includes in these header files were creating “file not found” errors. And the reverse was also true: my older header files were unable to reference these new header files.

My first instinct was to remove the references from the project, and then click “add existing files”. But the new CPPs and headers were not there! Weird. So, I did a bit of searching and found that the Projucer had saved them in a totally different folder, from which I had recently imported some binary files.

You probably know that, but because it confused me once:
The sorting in the tree on the left is only a hierarchy for displaying stuff in the xcode project. You can create groups and still have the files in the same place.
On the other hand, when you have the file dialog to create a new file, there is the “Where” combo box to select a physical folder. You can also expand the dialog using the button right of the filename to show the full version of the file chooser.

But could still be, that there is a bug I didn’t notice…

Actually you’re right… I was being a bit absent minded. The fault is not the Projucer. It was my mistake. I just forgot to pay attention to the dialog box.