Weirdness with xcode folders

Hi Jules,

We have a project in the introjucer which generates vs2008/2010 project files just fine.

However, the XCode projects have a messed up folder structure. I.e. a folder which exists in both the introjucer and -correctly- in vs2008 just isn’t there. Instead there is a virtual copy of another folder somewhere in the project. This is how it should look like:


instead it looks like this:


I’ve tried updating to the latest version of the introjucer, also tried throwing away everything in the builds dir and re-export, but no luck, The folder structure remains broken.

Something additional is that xcode does COMPILE the files in the missing folder, so it’s really a visual thing.

If you want I can send you the introjucer file, but I’d rather not put it here.

  • Bram

Found an equally weird solution:
rightclicking all the groups and sorting them (“groups first”) solved the problem.

  • bram

Very odd! I’d be quite keen to see the project file if you want to email it to me. Could be that two of the folders have somehow got the same ID number or somesuch mix-up.

I’ll send you the introjucer project file via email.

  • bram

Thanks! Yes, it had generated the same ID for two of the folders (the code that creates the IDs wasn’t doing a very good job of checking for uniqueness!).

I’ll fix it to stop it happening again, but if you want a quick fix for your project you can just open your .jucer file in a text editor and change one of the IDs to make them different (search for “EB405FEA”)

Hey Jules,

opened the introjucer project in the latest juicer (updated today), exported, no luck.
I’ll do the fix by hand now, but just know that it didn’t solve the problem.

  • Bram
      <GROUP id="{66937E41-96EC-3B67-0C93-CC24CCE7F4E7}" name="Tracker">
        <GROUP id="{EB405FEA-F4C2-DE05-36DA-F73BC70A5E61}" name="Codebase">
<GROUP id="{EB405FEA-F4C2-DE05-36DA-F73BC70A5E61}" name="UI">

Still has two ID’s which are the same…

  • Bram

Yeah, I just stopped it from creating duplicate IDs again, I didn’t add any code that would fix the existing ID clash - you’ll need to do that by hand.

That makes sense…
Ticket closed.

  • bram