Generate folder structure

Hey, for folks like me, who actually like to have their folder structure in the project mirror the group/subgroup/etc arrangement in the Introjucer, it would save a lot of time of the context menu could actually show an option to generate the structure created in the Introjucer to the actual filesystem, so there would be no need to do this twice manually.


I know, you're busy, but would you keep this in mind, please, for the next time you touch the Introjucer?

That's how I also structure my projects, but trying to make it rearrange the file system for you just sounds like a total can-of-worms to me - there must be a lot of edge-case situations where it could screw things up by trying to do that.

Sure it could fry a lot of stuff. I was thinking in a way of creating the folder structure (empty) in IntroJucer, and mirroring that to my project folder. That shouldn't stir crap up, and checking of the logical directory tree is actually empty of any actual files should not be too hard an expedient to do.

I actually have a hacked-together set of Python scripts that puts together all my C++ code, my generated C++ files and my binaries into a Jucer file - because I make a lot of changes fast to my code and I got sick of forgetting to add files or dragging stuff around to rename them.

It reads the Jucer file and preserves the ids and other information.

Really handy, it just reads everything and rebuilds so I can add new files, move other ones around and then just say and all is copacetic.