Weird VS2012 Intellisense behavior


This may be a bit of a newb question, but I have searched the forum and MS guidance and could not find a conclusive answer.

Since beginning use of JUCE recently, I have noticed a strange behavior in VS2012.  That is, though the code compiles with no errors, in the editor, Intellisense is red-underlining in unexpected places such as the ResizableCornerComponent declaration in edtior.h ("Incomplete type is not allowed").

This also happens with code generated by the Introjucer.  For example, the instance of Graphics in PluginEditor.cpp, the "g" as well as "ColourGradient" and "Justification" show as errors ("Must be a class or namespace").

This may not really matter much as it is compiling fine, but I am wondering if anyone knows why this is happening (i.e., if I am doing anything incorrectly that causes this).

Examples are in the attached screenshots.

Has anyone else experienced this, and is it likely that this is pointing out something I am doing that may cause problems in the future?

This thread should be funnelled into I think -- that seems to be the most comprehensive treatment of this phenomenon.


I always have to copy the modules to the project to keep it from doing that. It sucks having to go that, but it's not a big deal. The IntroJucer let's you easily copy them. 


The whole point of my post was to funnel a redundant thread into one that contains a detailed discussion on the topic.

Click the link, and add to that thread! But first look through the posts, I think you will find Bazrush has found a simpler solution.


PS It would be nice if admins could terminate a thread, so as to kill duplicates.

Good point. I wasn't really thinking about that, but I think that would be a good feature for the forum too.