Juce help integrated to MSVC++?


Is there any mean the Juce help can be integrated to Visual Studio 2005 Express ?

It would be nice to click on a Juce class on the editor, press F1, and get the help for this Juce class.
Also, it would be nice if I could press ctrl+space after a juce variable, and get some proposals for its member functions.

Is that all possible ?



Maybe - I’ve no idea how that stuff works though…

Dunno about the first part, but Intellisense (parameter info and autocompletion) works fine in VC for me.

thanks for your replies.
intellisense works sometimes, but doesn’t work for a lot of classes.
did you try it on Graphics class for instance ? does it work ?

best regards

Yeah, it works on everything but the Rectangle class for me. Sometimes I have to wait a few seconds, and it doesn’t work when I have compile errors elsewhere in the file, but otherwise it’s pretty reliable here.

use Visual Assist X.

intelisence sucks balls