Really Needs Help ~~Thx in advance~~


I started to learn juce several days ago and i’m doing my best to get along with it. Now there are unknowns. I aim to use juce maily for audio stuff, esp VST.
1)for a start, I decide to make a virtual midi keyboard that user can click on the MidiKeyboardComponent and my app will give out a sound(whatever it sounds like, i really dont care) at the corresponding pitch.
I refered to the Audio demo of Juce Demo, and it does make some sense to me on how this app flows. But it’s still too complicated for me, can I just use the keyboard component to send midimessage and use handleNoteOn function to give out a sound? Is there some easy way to have a sound given out apart from the demo’s way?

2)I’m using visual studio 2005, how can I “get help” from the IDE? e.g. after I type DocumentWindow(, then IDE will scroll down a list of all the form of the constructor of DocumentWindow, or a pointer *juceAPP, when typed in juceAPP-> , IDE will have a list of its methods and members. Sometimes after I build and run the app, the IDE surprisingly have that skill, but sometimes it doesnt. How to solve it? (I use the suggested way of using juce_amalgamated.h instead of juce.h, and I can build juce programs with vs2005 correctly~~).

thx a lot.


Did you build the example (VST) pluggin?

It’s pretty simple - Just a window with a gain slider and a (MIDI) keyboard

If you’re familiar with how VSTs work, it should be quite straight-forward to figure out.
There’s a “Filter” part, which does the audio/MIDI I/O side of things - and handles the parameters, then there’s the UI part which handles the User Interface, and shows an example of how to display the keyboard component, and how to feed the UI gain slider control’s setting back to the filter (which is the bit that changes the audio gain).

I’d recommend updating to the latest version of VisualStudio 2008, if you can.

Help - If it’s part of Juce, it’s best to reference The Juce’s Online documentation, if you hover the mouse pointer over a member the hint contains some handy info, and if you right-click on a Juce component member and then click on Go to Declaration, you can see more helpful comments.

I’ll also recommend taking a look Haydxn’s excellent Juce Tutorial post
{The original files have been lost, but I believe a copy can be found }here


Actually, i’ve already done most of you said, like building up the vst example, and spending a whole day reading the haydxn tutorial.
But I dont think i would change to vs2008 now…