MidiKeyboardComponent in Jucer?


As this is my first post, please let me point out how cool this jucer is, after some fruitless struggle with wxWidgets I think this is just what I need!

So I use Jucer for generating the UI layout, however, I am stuck with getting the MidiKeyboardComponent to work from this.

Usually I do read the manual before asking such things, however, I have not yet found a Jucer manual - hidden or missing?


Glad you’re enjoying it, but sorry, there’s no jucer manual! I should really do one, but so many other things needing my attention!

Wow, an answer from the Lord himself to me unworthy worm!

So I will figure out meself how to get they keyboard drawn, so far a quite steep learning curve and some fun using Juce. But still I would appreciate any hints or examples that lead me on a straight path to enlightenment!


Hey, enough with the sarcasm already!

Have you figured out that you need to add it as a “generic component”? You won’t be able to preview the keyboard in the jucer itself, it’ll just show a placeholder, but it’ll generate code that works correctly.

Thanks Jules,

although I don’t believe in C++ I got it working - and I blasphemously modified the source code to colour the keys according to my split zones!

I know I’ll burn in hell for this.


Well I’d certainly send you to hell for hackery like that - especially as I went to a lot of trouble to provide virtual methods to let people customise the drawing without even needing to hack it!