Weirdo menu onmouseover on windows

i’ve noticed this, i have a window, with a menu bar. if i mouseover the top menu bar i can see clearly that the selected menus are highlighted, and this is normal. now i press on a menu, the popup menu is showed, then if i mouseover the top menu bar i can see highlighting on the menu, but i noticed that the application button on the window taskbar is pressing and releasing every time i enter a new menu. maybe this is related on how the popupmenu and main menu get (win) focus, and they steal the main window’s HWND one.
any other is experiencing this ? (i know is only cosmetics, but…)

confirmed, never noticed it before, and it’s never bothered me. but, normal menus (e.g. vc++e) don’t do this

i don’t know why, i construct the menus as jules’ demo, and in a previously compiled lib (i think 1.28 ) this behaviour is not happening… i have to investigate if this could be my fault or not

I’ve also just noticed this, and will do some hackery to figure out what’s going on. It’s just because Windows is shifting keyboard focus back to the main window in between each menu window appearing.