What does "the edit" mean? (quoting API Classes documentation)

This page of the API Classes documentation refers to “the edit” (seven times), but I have not found a definition for that term:


What does “the edit” mean in this context?

Sorry, I’ll change that. “Project” is probably a better word.

I probably said “Edit” because that’s the Tracktion (and also the video-editing) term for the thing that most DAWs would call a “project”.

Of course, exactly what type of thing is being played will depend on the host. Don’t assume that every host is a traditional DAW!

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Thanks for the clarification. In that case, it seems to me that AudioPlayHead::getCurrentPosition() is returning an erroneous value in the circumstances I describe here:

When I follow the steps in my description there, the VST3 version of the plugin shows me time elapsed since I turned on my computer, rather than time elapsed from the start of the project.

Besides the possibility of a JUCE bug, it might also be some misunderstanding on my part, as I’m still very new to JUCE, and don’t know enough yet to determine exactly why I’m seeing unexpected results in the VST3 plugin.

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OK, but none of those values are generated by JUCE, they’re sent directly from the host.

If your host chooses to send the clock-on-the-wall time, that’s not something we can fix! Which host is it, anyway?

both Reaper 5 and Cubase 8.5

OK, ta, we’ll have a look into it.

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Please see my new post here: Bug Report for JUCE: VST3 elapsed time

It shows JUCE VST3-code storing system-time, in contrast to the analogous JUCE VST2-code storing project-time.