What is a keystone file and how do I obtain one? - Unable to build JUCE Android Tutorial

I am new to mobile development and just trying to get the basic demo tutorial build but keep running into this Keystore file not found error.

I have looked at this thread however don’t quite understand the solution that is being suggested.

When following the path the keystore file it wants isn’t there (obviously hence the error but just thought I would make sure something else wasn’t going on)

Could it be stored somewhere else? Do I have to obtain in by other means.

Says my build variant is debug_Debug and tried with both the jucesigning config and debug signing config.

Would love to understand what this error is so I can fix it.

I am on Mac OS 10.14 running JUCE 6 and android studio 4.0.1

Hi @trevor92,

copy-pasting this from ed95, hope it helps

If you haven’t got a keystore setup that matches the default settings in the Projucer then you can do this by doing Build->Generate Signed Bundle / APK... then clicking Create new... under the keystore path. The Projucer default is to expect the following settings:


I will give this a shot. Thank you.

everything worked as expected after creating new keystone file. Thanks!