What's the word on SVG filters?

I’m currently working with some SVG files for various widgets. I notice that using Drawable::createFromSVG doesn’t account for any SVG filters, which normally is no big deal. The exception is an inner shadow, which will cause the entire shadowed region to be rendered black.

There are workarounds, like using multiple drawables for creating different layers, using gradient fills, etc, but it’s quite a hassle and doesn’t look nearly as good as a rendered SVG in a browser. I’m just wondering if there is a timeline or plans to implement the filtering extensions for SVG in JUCE. I read some posts from a few years back that mentioned it…

sidenote: in the Drawable documentation it mentions that using drawWithin will be deprecated in the future… if that’s the case, how will I be able to use a Drawable instance in subclasses of LookAndFeel for drawing different widgets?