When Exporting in VS 2017, Projucer instead launches VS 2015

When my selected exporter is Visual Studio 2017 and I press the launch button, it instead opens up in VS 2015. I tested this out on another computer, same thing happens. I want to work in VS 2017 and no matter what it just opens in 2015. However, when I double click the project file for VS 2017 directly, it does open in 2017.

So I have two questions:

  1. How can I stop it from launching in VS 2015 from projucer?
  2. Do I have to launch the project from projucer? Can I just double click the project file for VS 2017 instead?

I can only answer 2.: you don’t have to use Projucer at all, it is only a convenience tool. You can indeed just double click the Visual Studio solution file or launch VS 2017 manually.

When launching a project the Projucer just uses the system’s default application to open the file. It sounds like you have associated .sln files with VS2015 - if you right click on a .sln file and then click “Properties” what does the “Opens with” section say?