Projucer won't export to IDE (visual studio 2017)

Howdy! I’m having some trouble with the Projucer not wanting to export a project to visual studio. When I hit export, it looks like it can’t find Visual Studio. I recently updated to 5.4.3, so that might be an issue. I also tried to export in my older version of the Projucer and it did the same thing, so I’m thinking there is some global setting that might be off?

Visual Studio works fine. I don’t see any settings within the Projucer where you can specify anything about the IDE’s, but if there is please let me know.

The Projucer will just use the default application that you have set to open .sln files. What happens if you double-click on the project .sln file in file explorer?

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Ah, great question. Thanks, I hadn’t thought of that. When double clicking the .sln file from the file explorer, I got the same empty “Choose Application” popup, so my file system settings must have forgotten about Visual studio :smile:. I’ll keep playing with it, but this works for now. Thanks again for your help!