Projucer launches a duplicate instance of Visual Studio 2019 for each modification?

Windows 10. I am completely new to trying JUCE on Windows and VS 2019, but is this normal? I have the Projucer file of a simple plugin project open. I use the exporter button to open it in VS 2019. So far, so good.

I make a change to the configurations settings in the Projucer file, and hit the export button again.

On the Mac, this simply takes me back to the same Xcode project, with the changes applied.

On Windows 10, this launches a completely new VS 2019 solution, which gives a window with an error about Intellisense data:

Visual C++ examined the folder "C:\Users\sk\Documents\My JUCE\PanProcessorWidth05\Builds\VisualStudio2019\.vs\PanProcessorWidth\v16." This folder is not suitable because of the following:
The browsing database in this directory is open by another instance of Visual Studio and cannot be reopened.  User stephen on WINDOWS10-DEV has it open.

Any way around this?

I just recently discovered you should not use the “export to IDE” button in Projucer in that situation. Instead, you should use the command “Save project” (shortcut Control+P in Windows) in Projucer. Visual Studio will still prompt when you go back to it, but in that case you can just tell it to reload the files and things should probably work OK.

Thanks - is it necessary to use “Reload All”, or can you just use “Reload”?

“Reload all” is probably safer.

Just tried that. Visual Studio crashed. :confounded:

Will test some more…

Well, the thing that worked for me for years was to quit Visual Studio and then re-export from the Projucer…(I only made some quick tests with Visual Studio 2017 when I was told about the other way to do it in the Projucer.)

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Yeah, I guess I can quit and relaunch if I need to modify the Projucer file. I just got spoiled in MacOS…

I’ve been doing the same thing in macOs (quit Xcode and only then re-export from Projucer). Maybe it hasn’t been necessary?

Not necessary at all. You can add new source files, rearrange their order and folders, change compile time settings in Projucer, then hit the export button and watch the new files get added and rearranged right into the already open Xcode project.

I think the safest workflow is to never use “Open in IDE…” or the exporter button.

What I usually do is:

  • start Visual Studio from its shortcut on the taskbar (created by “Pin to taskbar”)
  • open the solution I’m interested in (either from the list of recent projects or by browsing)
  • in Projucer, use “Save Project” (Ctrl+P) anytime I change some project settings
  • in Visual Studio, click on “Reload All” to make sure that everything is up-to-date (and also to avoid clicking on “Reload” for each project)

It’s quite stable, though I can’t guarantee that I’ve never experienced a crash. But it’s Windows, it’s kind of expected :sweat_smile:

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I usually just close VS Studio, modify the Projucer project, then reopen VS Studio using „Open in IDE…“ in Projucer.
I‘m using Windows 10 for 3 years now and haven’t had a single crash, so I wouldn‘t expect any.