Where can I find a list of all the C++ libraries available in Juce (and 3rd party ones that work well with it)?

Just trying to find out whats included in Juce and a list of C++ libraries it has available.

Also, wondering about other C++ libraries that work well with Juce…
Don’t want to reinvent the wheel - am willing to pay for such libraries.
Mainly looking for Midi handling libs.

There’s lots of MIDI handling classes in Juce - you won’t need to go elsewhere. Just check out the classes in the documentation.

what about more developed libraries, for example, is there a library detects chord or detects what scale its in if you pass it the Midi buffer?

there was a discussion about that on the forum the other day iirc - have a search.

I started a thread a couple of days ago and didn’t really get a response.
I did search for other threads - there’s one from October and one guy replied and said he basically wrote the code himself to detect chord and scale. So I’m thinking that there are no developed libraries in Juce that can already do this.

I did look at the classes documentation and did a search on midi and found some low level stuff but nothing in terms of what I’m looking for.

yes, there’s nothing in Juce for detecting stuff like that. i didn’t realise it was you that started the other thread. It is a shame there aren’t some basic tools such as that.

A search on google does reveal some implementations in C++.

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thanks thats really helpful
I guess I’m at that stage where I’m not exactly sure what to Google-search for. Hopefully I’ll pick that up quickly.
This Chord detector code looks promising. I’ll have to find out how to include it and merge it in the Juce framework.
And I assume these dependencies are free and easily includable in the Juce frame work:

For an overview of all JUCE classes you should have a look at the official documentation. While working for some years with JUCE now, I still discover classes that I didn’t know from time to time, but if you have something in mind that might be there, searching for a keyword in that document sometimes reveals classes that might help you with what you want to do JUCE: Class Index

Regarding third party libs, there are only a few that directly come with juce and they are all wrapped with a nicer juce style api behind the juce classes.

sorry, I managed to pick one there that analysed incoming audio

search google for “c++ detect chords from midi notes” for others that deal with midi notes

thanks… that looked like a promising one, but as you say it seems to be audio not midi.

I’ll still look out for more 3rd party libs especially for midi stuff like chord detection etc. I’d be willing to pay; not just looking for open source stuff. If I can saw time not reinventing the wheel, then all the better.

There’s a library called Superpowered, but then I’d have to integrate that with Juce, and I think there would be some work to do there.