Who can give me some example

I want to make a game on Android and IOS
please give me some examples about:
1 how to use JsonArray
2 how to use OpenGL(I use LowlevelGraphicsContext under renderOpenGL,drawSingleLineText, the text is not show integrated)
3 is had another way to load Image?(not use introjucer add)

And you seriously expect anybody to spend their valuable time answering to such general questions?
Asked in a manner that at least suggests that that potential effort would not amount to anything really worthwhile?
Nah. You can do better than that. Try again, please.

OK,I ask one question:
I use OpenGL in renderOpenGL()
ScopedPointer llg (createOpenGLGraphicsContext (openGLContext,MainWindow::width, MainWindow::height));
Graphics g (llg);

the text is not show integrated

Are you drawing white on white?

background is black