Why File::moveFileTo() not work?


I have a file in
I set this path as juce::String, oldPath

and I have a destination at
c:\Music, and I want to move and rename track1.wav to song1.wav.
I set this path as juce::String newPath , it is c:\Music\song1.wav

I use the moveFileTo() method as follows:

juce::File oldFile(oldPath);
juce::File newFile(newPath);
This should move to the oldFile to desired location , and rename
it to song1.wav. However, it do not work.
Anybody can help me?



These are some of the scenarios where moveFileTo has failed in my code

  1. No write/ access permission in the destination location.
  2. Invalid file name.
  3. File already existed and i didn’t have permission to delete it
  4. Check the destination path and see if exists.

You could also try copyfileto and delete the old file