moveFileTo documentation

This is moveFileTo can it:

  • Return a result code with decent information about failures.
  • Have the documentation updated so it matches the behaviour. The documentation seems to imply it can’t move between volumes, but a quick look at the code suggests it falls back to a copy.
 /** Moves or renames a file.

        Tries to move a file to a different location.
        If the target file already exists, this will attempt to delete it first, and
        will fail if this can't be done.

        Note that the destination file isn't the directory to put it in, it's the actual
        filename that you want the new file to have.

        Also note that on some OSes (e.g. Windows), moving files between different
        volumes may not be possible.

        @returns    true if the operation succeeds
    bool moveFileTo (const File& targetLocation) const;
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